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There’s something undeniably arousing about being tied up or tying a partner up in the bedroom. Not only does it change the power structure, facilitating elements of domination and submission, but it also evokes powerful emotions. There’s an immense amount of vulnerability and trust required when sexually bound. These reasons (among others) help to explain why so many people fantasize about BDSM

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BDSM Info Take the Test: BDSM is an umbrella term for a variety of (often erotic) practices or roleplaying; it is an acronym representing three components: BD: Bondage & Discipline (playing with physical restraints, training, punishment, etc.) DS: Dominance & Submission (playing with obedience, power exchange, service, humility, etc.) SM: Sadism & Masochism (playing with pain, degradation, fear, etc.) More often than not, other 'deviant' sexual practices are also considered to be part of BDSM.BDSM is a consensual activity respecting the fundamental rights of every human being involved; this separates it from sexual and domestic abuse. BDSM Archetypes Everyone...

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Erotic electrostimulation –– commonly spoken as “e-stim” or “electrosex” — continues to grow in popularity as more manufacturers unveil toys that take sensory overload to higher levels through safe electrical current. These types of tinglers now include: wands, anal toys, kits, sleeves, c-rings, claps, and kegel balls, vibes and much more, including beginners E-stim shock therapy pads that can be used for play or muscle relief. In this Special Focus we feature the latest in e-stim mechanics and talk to retailers to find out if the e-stim phenomenon will continue to charge on. What are your best-selling electrostim products? Doc...

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Love Games:

If you’re coupled up, you probably already know what’s in the cards for Valentine’s Day. But you haven’t accounted for every minute of every hour, have you? Good; that means you have plenty of time to add something new and unexpected to your Valentine’s plans. Put your game face on and get in the competitive spirit with these playful sex games where everyone winds up a winner.

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