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Fulfilling sexual experiences shouldnt be hampered by the size of the condoms you are using. Being safe about your sexual exploits should never be a reason why you should trade-off pleasure in the process. Having to resort to a condom that is too small can lead to an uncomfortable experience for those better endowed. Being restricted is a terribly uncomfortable experience when you are looking to spend some intimate time with your significant other. Comfort is an important part of making experiences as pleasurable as possible, and thats exactly what youll find when using our condoms. Making the sacrifice of sensation from a tight fit is not something that our Extra Large condom line will have you worried about. Made with bigger guys in mind, the roomier fit of these condoms are sure to please. This characteristic is sure to make our condoms very popular with those who are larger. For when you need more room down there, trust IDs condoms.

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Inventory Last Updated: Jul 15, 2024