The Manus Intruder

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A device for the phallus and an intrusion stimulator for the prostate that keeps the wearer subdued in pleasure and disquiet. The Manus Intruder is a stainless steel, 2 inch cock ring and a 1.25 anal plug all in one. With a unique design allowing the user to maintain an erection all the while keeping their ass intruded upon by a steel round anal ball. Is it a reward, or a punishment? You decide!

Overall Length: 5.75" (14.605cm)
Ring Inner Diameter: 2.05" (5.207cm)
Anal Ball Diameter: 1.25" (3.175cm)
Insertable Length (including stem): 2.25" (5.715cm)
Bridge between cock ring and anal insert is 2.88" (7.315cm) long
The The Manus Intruder is one of our most popular items. People can't seem to get enough of it!

Inventory Last Updated: Jul 18, 2024